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Town of Dauphin Island

This parade is about as new as they get. The brainchild of Town Councilman Gene Fox, the parade was approved by the full council in early December 2016, leaving about 60 days to put the first one together.

The town-sponsored parade was developed to replace the Island Mystics - often referred to as the second Dauphin Island parade - which rolled on the Saturday after the Krewe de la Dauphine.

When it became clear that the Island Mystics were not going to parade in 2017 and probably never would again, Fox and other town leaders decided that a second parade was too important to the island's off-season economy to simply go without.

As the owner of Fins Bar, Fox knows firsthand just how much business those two parades bring to the island in the form of thousands of revelers.

Fox made it clear that this was not envisioned as a temporary fix. The town parade, it's hoped, will be around for many years to come.

The parade rolled on February 4 at 1 p.m. The sun was shining, and the temperature was brisk, in the mid-50s. The crowd was large, but it wasn't packed. The parade had horses, decorated boats on trailers, decorated Jeeps, bands, and plenty of throws.

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