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Mobile Mystical Friends

Brand new this year the Mobile Mystical Friends will not parade this year under their own banner. They will make up the second half of the Mobile Mystical Revelers parade.

Founded by Chuck Hall, MMF is not a mystic society. It’s a parading group that, much like the Mobile Mystical Revelers, eschews much of the structure and bylaws of the average mystic society. “I built it on the concept known as KISS,” Chuck said with a laugh. “That means Keep It Simple, Stupid.”

The Mystical Friends swelled to a membership of 160 in about 90 days. The group is co-ed, and Chuck said he believes that has been the main attraction. “So many people want to ride with their spouses,” he said.

Depending on how things went, Chuck said, the Mystical Friends may obtain its own parade permit in 2018, “but I wanted to try it this way the first year.”

Technically, the Mystical Friends wasa part of the Mystical Revelers this year, riding on February 18, after the Mobile Mystics and the Revelers in seven rented floats from the Pharaohs.

According to police department rules, MMF could not have a banner this year. To revelers behind the barricades, it simply looked like one long parade behind the Mobile Mystics.

To see Mobile Mask's HD video of the first-ever MMF parade, click here.

The Mask's exclusive slideshow of the parade is below: