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Mobile Mystical Ladies

The Mobile Mystical Ladies formed in 1997 after 13 friends, who belonged to another parading group, decided to splinter off and form their own.

A few years ago, the members of the Mystical Ladies decided to change parading dates, going for a daytime run, rather than nighttime.

To see the Mask's photos and video of previous Mobile Mystical Ladies parades, click here.

This year, the Mystical Ladies will parade on February 6 with the Floral Parade, the Knights of Mobile, and the Order of Angels, all starting at noon.

The Mystical Ladies' theme this year will be Down on the Bayou. The parade will include three floats rented from the Pharaohs.

Check this page later for photos and video of the 2016 parade.

In the meantime, to see the Mask's HD video of the 2015 parade, click here. And the Mask's slideshow of photos from the 2015 parade is below.