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Order of LaShe's

The Order of LaShe's, obviously a ladies' group, was founded in 1989 and held its first ball in 1990. The theme of that ball, according to Mardi Gras historian Emily Hearin, was "Angels Ready to Party," and it was held at the Elks Club on Dauphin Island Parkway.

The members of the LaShe's chose as their emblem The Broadway Show Girl in top hat and tails. Revelers can still see that figure depicted at the front of the group's emblem float.

The LaShe's first paraded in 1992 on the Tuesday before Fat Tuesday. In 2008, the LaShe's parade made headlines when the front portion of one of the floats caught fire. The fire was put out, much of the covering on the front of the float was pulled off, and the plucky ladies resumed the parade.

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This year, the Order of LaShe's rolled on February 21 at 6:30 p.m.

The theme was Embracing Southern Charm, and the parade included 16 floats designed by Brent Amacker and built by Craig Stephens' Carnival Artists.

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