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The reveler's guide to Mardi Gras
           The 2015 Mobile Mask magazine
                                is now on sale!

As they like to say at Dreamland: There's nothing like it nowhere. Mobile Mask magazine is 84 pages of nothing but south Alabama Mardi Gras. It's the best way to get your Carnival season started, and a great way to remember it long after it's over.

Enough with the sales pitch, how can you get yours?

• You can purchase Mobile Mask at 16 retail locations from Gulf Shores to West Mobile. Click here for a full list of those stores.
• AND you can purchase the magazine online, through this very web site, using Paypal, a credit card or a debit card. Click here, and you'll be magically transported to our store.

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   The Mobile Mask app - the first and only app dedicated solely to Mardi Gras in south Alabama - is now available through the Google Play store and iTunes. It works on tablets and phones.
   Parade schedule, routes, ball listing, and so much more!
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                       PARADE COVERAGE
   The Mask photographs and/or videos the vast majority of Mardi Gras parades in Mobile. As coverage of 2015's parades is posted, we'll announce it on social media and make it available from this page.
   Simply click on the icon above, and you'll find links to this year's parade coverage.
   To see photos and videos of parades going back to 2012, click on "parading groups" in the column to the left, then click on the group you're interested in.
   Again, we have been covering the majority of parades, but not every single one.
   And while you're at it, why not check out:


is now
                THE MYSTIC TRAVELER

   Here's the dealio: The 2014 issue of Mobile Mask magazine included a Q&A with the man who wrote the Masked Observer column for the Press-Register for 20 years.
   Like so many other Register employees, he was let go in 2012. The Register still has a Masked Observer column, but it has not been written by the original MO since 2011.
   In 2012 and 2013, he was silent, not writing at all about Mardi Gras, not even attending any Mardi Gras events. Then in 2014, after being "outed" by Mobile Mask, he contributed nearly daily ruminations about Mardi Gras to the Mask's Facebook page under the nom de plume Original Masked Observer. However, he never really left the comfort of the drawing room of his mansion on Goat Island.
   Well, this year, he has a new gig, and he's back in de rigueur. Adopting the moniker of The Mystic Traveler, he will be prowling through Mobile-area Mardi Gras balls and reporting on his adventures through the Mobile Bay magazine web site, which can be found here.
   Every time he posts a column, Mobile Mask will post a link on our Facebook page, and from time to time, the MT promises to send the Mask some original content that you won't be able to find anywhere else.
   If you missed the tidbits that the OMO sent to Mobile Mask last year, you can find them all in one spot by clicking here. It's kind of like binge-watching an entire season of "House of Cards."
   And we'll add the MT's 2015 thoughts to that page as they come in.


   Mrs. Mask now has her own Facebook page. She'll be posting all kinds of things about her life during Mardi Gras, her tips for a successful season, some of her favorite Mardi Gras things, even some recipes. Get to her page by clicking here.

   The Mardi Gras News page on this web site, as well as the Mask's Facebook and Twitter accounts (see the bottom of this page), are great ways to stay on top of Mardi Gras developments all year long, because the Mask knows no "off-season."

          When it comes to Mardi Gras in Mobile,
              the Mask has everything you need!



   For nearly 150 years now, Mobile, Alabama, has been known as the Mother of Mystics.
   Say what you will about who started Mardi Gras - Mobile or New Orleans - it's a fact that Mobilians started the first mystic society. Without those societies, there would be no Mardi Gras as we know it today.
   This web site is for all Mobile-area revelers, experienced and novice, native and visitor. The site is a companion to the annual Mobile Mask magazine. Mobile Mask is an independent media outlet, solely owned by Thrown Ventures LLC, and is not affiliated with any particular parading group or other organization.
   Through the Mask, you'll find schedules, route information, coverage of the most recent parades, and news items all year long, so come back often. Now, go ahead, click a button and take a look around.

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