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Floral Parade

In 1928, Alfred Staples, longtime president of the Mobile Carnival Association, asked Sidney Simon to plan a parade for the Saturday afternoon before Fat Tuesday to keep people - especially out-of-towners - downtown for the entire weekend.

The Flower Parade, as it was first called, has always been for children. The MCA Juvenile Court, including a King and Queen, are among the float riders.

The Floral Parade is the only one that's scheduled to run twice, first on that Saturday before Mardi Gras, and again on Lundi Gras, along with the King Felix III parade.

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This year, the Floral Parade rolled on February 25 at noon and again on Lundi Gras, February 27, at noon.

The theme was Cavalcade of Coincidence, and the parade featured 16 floats designed by Brent Amacker and built by Craig Stephens' Carnival Artists.

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