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                     Homer McClure Sketches

Here is a small gallery of sketches of royal trains by Homer McClure. These drawings constitute the first stage of creating an elaborate train for a Mardi Gras royal.

                                           A proposal for a train

                                            A proposal for a train

             The train for Rose Elliott, MCA Juvenile Queen, 2015

First draft of train for Madeleine Maury Downing, MCA Queen, 2014

                            More options for the Downing train

              Very close to the final version of the Downing train

                A first proposal for a 2015 MCA Lady in Waiting

             Train for Kathleen Anne Shearer, MCA Queen, 2012

     Train for Lucy Elizabeth Mostellar, MCA Juvenile Queen, 2010

          Train for Thomas M. Leland III, MCA Juvenile King, 2014