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Bayport Parading Society

The Bayport Parading Society is not a mystic or secret organization. It's essentially a place for Mobile-area businesses that wish to parade.

It was created after the Joe Cain Procession became so large that it had to be capped. Non-business-related groups were allowed to stay in the Joe Cain Procession, while Bayport was created for businesses that want to participate.

Bayport falls under the Joe Cain organization umbrella, and Wayne Dean leads the parade dressed as Chief Slacabamarinico, just as he does the Joe Cain Procession a couple of weeks later. The first Bayport parade was staged in 2007.

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This year, Bayport paraded on February 11 at 2:30 p.m. Three floats were occupied by the Mobile Challenged Revelers - children and adults from the Mobile Down Syndrome Society, Augusta Evans School, and MARC. The parade had a total of 14 floats.

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The Mask's exclusive slideshow of the 2017 parade is below: