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Mystic Revelers

Bay Minette's Mystic Revelers was founded in 2004. "It wasn't really on a dare," recalled one of the founders. "It was more of a bet-you-can't. But we did, and it's still going strong."

The Mystic Revelers brought its first Mardi Gras parade to northern Baldwin County in 2005.

"The people in Bay Minette appreciate it," the founding member said. "The city has backed us, and the fire department and police department have been real good to us."

Officially, the Revelers is a men's group of about 50 members, but like most men's groups, "We couldn't do any of this without our wives," the founding member said. "The ladies do so many things for us that make the parade and the ball possible."

The Mystic Revelers' parade was scheduled for February 25 at noon.
However, the parade was canceled about a week before that without explanation. The group held its ball as planned.